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Green River Ambrosia was founded in 2007 to brew a fine local mead. We are producing in our Greenfield, MA facility (co-located at the Katalyst Kombucha brewing facility).

Our Scurvy Crew Consists of:

Garth Walking on waterGarth Shaneyfelt:
Neuroscientist, long-time homebrewer, marathoner, gardener, triathlete, outdoorsman, and un-repentent schemer finally broke free from his 15 years in the tech world to focus on Green River Ambrosia.
He has stood on the point on earth closest to the sun (Chimborazo) and can walk on water (see photo).








WillWill Savitri:
Will is the founder of Katalyst Kombucha and is rock climber, DJ, brewer, cyclist, and dog walker. He is investing himself in the Greenfield community, and hopes to see a thriving local economy and an all around great place to live.








Sam with beesSam Dibble:
Sam started making mead in 2005 in conjunction with taking the Beekeeping course at Warm Colors Apiary with Master Beekeeper Dan Conlon. Shortly after joining Katalyst Kombucha in 2006, Sam helped establish Green River Ambrosia and took his passion for mead making to a whole new level. Since their market debut in 2007, the role of Head Brewer has constantly evolved and taken on new dimensions. Sam has performed a leading role in new projects, from renovating the meadery, researching and collecting the best ingredients and equipment, to perfecting our very own Ginger Libation. He is currently working very hard in his dual role as Head Brewer for Green River Ambrosia and Katalyst Kombucha, and finds time between brews to continue beekeeping alongside co-founder Will Savitri. His mission in the coming years is to expand bottle and keg production steadily to meet growing demand with products of the highest quality.






Brendan Burns:
Brendan grew up in Belchertown MA, receiving most of his education from the Quabbin Reservoir and the Earthlands Environmental Preserve in Petersham MA. He had been an avid home brewer for years when he discovered that he was allergic to gluten and could no longer drink his own beer. Disappointed with gluten free beers and facing the prospect of giving up his craft, he decided to do something completely different--and made the first batch of Ginger Libation. After several trial runs to refine the recipe (and many pints of ginger beer), Green River Ambrosia asked him to come on as a partner in the company. Currently he brews Libation and Mead, and enjoys the wilderness in the mountains of Ashfield in his spare time.







Sandy Pearson:
Our newest partner lives in Hadley, MA and does sales, community relations and also works production. Sandy is very passionate about all of our work and is truly an ambassador for our company. He plays jazz guitar at events around our region. He is also a lover of our local agricultural economy and raises organic free range organic chickens and keeps geese and goats. Sandy has done various community projects and is past president of WFCR and former board member of the Western Mass Community Foundation and Western Mass Food Bank. He is our company elder.




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